Private Tours Of Ireland And Scotland

When looking at a private tour there are several important factors to look at.

  • Use a company with a proven track record to enhance your experience.
  • Do not listen to the numerous “experts” who have been on coach tours. A private tour allows you access to different roads and sights. Coaches cannot access all areas.
  • Do listen to the advice of your tour company as they should be trying to get you the best quality with good value for money.
  • Hotels can look very different on the internet. Your tour company should explain why they are recommending certain hotels. It should not be about their discounts.
  • Ask what vehicle will be used. Many luxury vehicles do not have good vision. You will want to enjoy the scenery as you travel.
  • Make sure that your interests are covered when planning. Castles, Churches, Distilleries, coast, etc.
  • Check if you have any family history and try and spend some time in that area.
  • Do not try and see too much each day as there are many hidden gems that you will want to stop at. You need flexibility for the weather, etc.
  • Two nights in each hotel allows for a much better and relaxed experience.
  • Your driver/guide should be local, obviously a safe driver, and knowledgeable. It is better if he can blend into your group. That makes it a much more personal experience.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we fulfil all of the above criteria.

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