Key West Backcountry Fishing

Key West Backcountry Fishing

There is a lot to love about getting out to enjoy all of the splendor that nature has to offer. If you happen to love fishing and you either live in Florida, or you will be visiting for vacation, you may want to think about chartering a boat so that you can take advantage of your surroundings. However, one option that you may never have considered is Key West backcountry fishing excursions. 

One of the most popular options for chartering in the Key West area is backcountry fishing. Not only are the waters calm, but the scenery is some of the best that you will ever experience in your lifetime. This is why so many people like to come back time and again, as well as the fact that you will not have to deal with the potential seasickness that often comes from chartering a deep-sea fishing boat. 

Can You Fish In Key West? 

It goes without saying that Key West is a sight to behold, filled with a laidback type of island life, sandy beaches, and world-class fishing. People love to go to the Key West area for fishing the waters that are located right off of the Southernmost Point of the United States. This segment is home to some of the most popular types of gamefish, including tarpon, redfish, snook, permit, and bonefish. Of course, when you go further into the Atlantic, you will find deep sea favorites like sailfish, swordfish, and white and blue marlin. However, some of the most popular fishing options are those available with Key West backcountry fishing charters.

What Are The Best Seasons For Backcountry Fishing?

Even though it seems as though there are no seasons in the Florida Keys, the temperature in the water is going to change throughout the year, and the changing seasons. In the winter months, it might be challenging to find a good catch. However, the backcountry is a beautiful option that is best when fished between March and May in the springtime. Even though you can charter throughout the year, this is one of the best seasons for gathering all types of fish in these waters.

Something that sets Key West backcountry fishing charters apart from the rest is that all of the planning and stress is out of the equation. When you hire a charter to take out on the water, you will have the boat and all of the equipment that you need. We also have the knowledge that you need to ensure you have an excellent experience. 

If you are thinking about enjoying an excursion that involves fishing and sightseeing for a memorable experience, we can talk with you at BackCountry Key West Charters about all that you need to know. This is the type of activity that you can experience when you are in Key West that will give you memories to last a lifetime. You can also take advantage of lounging on our large lily pad float or take out one of the paddleboards that we have so that you can enhance the experience even further.