Rolloff Containers

Rolloff Containers

Trash King is a dumpster and bin rental company that caters to the residents of Canada. We offer environmentally friendly and economical services to get rid of or recycle your own rubbish or unwanted items at your home or at any location. One of the services we offer is the rental of our roll-off containers which comes in different sizes varying from 7 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, wherein the yards measure the content volume.

Roll-off containers are different from standard dumpsters. Roll-off containers have open tops while standard dumpsters almost always have lids on top. They are rectangular, varying in different sizes, instead of the usual square shape.

Roll-off containers also have wheels on the bottom, which makes it easier for the user to move or cart them especially when it contains heavy objects compared to standard dumpsters that need to be lifted.

In Trash King’s roll-off containers rental, we use a roll off truck equipped with a hook lifting system for maximum safety and efficiency.

The container will be slowly rolled from the truck and onto your pavement safely and, so you don’t have to worry that your concrete driveway will be destroyed. The containers are also placed precisely and accurately using our lift system, which makes it ideal for use in more difficult to reach locations.

The Benefits of Renting Rolloff Containers

Renting roll-off containers has a lot of benefits.

  • This service helps ensure that your workspace is kept efficient, clean, tidy and safe. Whether you are remodeling or renovating, a lot of waste materials are generated. Exposed debris and waste materials can risk the safety and lives of employees, management, and clients if they are not disposed of properly.
  • Work-related accidents such as falling debris, tripping, and other dangers can occur, which could make the renovating or remodeling process slow. Instead of leaving and letting the debris pile in a corner, this can easily be thrown in roll-off containers to be taken away almost as fast as they are generated, thereby reducing work-related accidents. This also saves your company from expensive lawsuits and legal bills that might get from work-related accidents.
  • Are you running out of space at home? This can also help declutter your own home a lot easier. Instead of just moving you’re the things that you’ve been keeping from a long time from one part of your home to another, or hiding them in the basement or attic and letting them sit there and collect dust and cobwebs, you can move them straight to your roll-off containers.

A proper waste management disposal is essential to keep our environment clean. When you partner and rent roll-off containers with a professional waste disposal company such as the Trash King, you will be assured that your waste is disposed of following current laws and regulations. We also use recycling facilities that sort and recycle as much of the materials as possible. Just call 604-433-5865 and get Trash King roll-off containers for your wastes.

Rolloff Containers