Wine By The Glass

Wine By The Glass

Get the Most of Your Wine by The Glass Business

Selling drinks by the glass is the cornerstone of a lot of entertainment, restaurant, and hospitality businesses. Few people or groups order a whole bottle of wine when they enter a bar, as they are usually going to share a couple of glasses.

However, although wine or other spirits by the glass are in high demand in all venues, making significant profits from these sales is a real challenge. The main reason for the low revenue from these sales is primarily the loss of inventory. If you are in this business, you must know what are the main causes of the loss of your wine inventories, and what is the best alternative to solve it.

Why Are Your Wine Inventories Lost?

These are the three main reasons why you frequently lose wine inventory in your business:

  1. Product Damage: once the wine bottle is opened, the liquid is exposed to various threats. Oxygen in the environment, interaction with bartenders, or storage with other liquids allows cross-contamination. This causes the liquid to lose properties and become damaged quickly.
  2. Spills & Over-Pouring: the serving of the product is the main cause of inventory loss. This happens with greater intensity during high customer traffic hours. Bartenders seeking to satisfy high demand often spill wine, or serve excessive portions.
  3. Theft & Breaks: commonly, in a rush hour, a bottle falls to the floor and breaks. The other cause is simply the total loss of a bottle by a malicious employee and lack of supervision.

What Is The Best Alternative To Avoid Wine Inventory Loss?

If you want to maintain perfect control of your wine inventories, and thus protect the revenue and profitability of your business, the wisest thing to do is to purchase a top-of-the-line automatic wine dispenser machine. The best wine dispensers on the market like the ones we offer at Wine Emotion USA will allow you to solve inventory loss, thus achieving better income:

  • Our Winemotion™ dispensers keep bottles open in an enclosed space with a nitrogen and argon cooling system. This allows the product not to come into contact with any contaminants until it is to be consumed. With our dispensers, you will be able to preserve the quality of the product for more than 30 days.
  • By purchasing a top wine tasting dispenser at Wine Emotion USA you will be able to serve exact portions of the product. Each one allows you to choose between tasting, half glass or full glass. It also prevents spills and drips, for maximum liquid utilization.
  • By getting one of our leading glass of wine dispensers for wine tastings or full serving, you will avoid unplanned losses of your wine. Each comes with safety features that prevent unauthorized access to the product. Also, the bottles can be changed in just 20 seconds, avoiding the risk of dropping and breaking them.

Is Time to Boost Your Wine by the Glass Business

If you want to take your business to success, Winemotion™ by Wine Emotion USA dispensers are the ideal alternative to invest in. Make the most of your venue by minimizing costs and providing fast, convenient service to your customers. To learn more about our industry-leading commercial wine equipment or to receive a free quote, contact us today.

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