Battle of Kinsale

Battle of Kinsale

This battle took place on 25th December 1601……. XMAS DAY !!!!!

It was the last battle of the “Nine Years War”.

 A Spanish force , which landed at Kinsale , County Cork , to help the Irish , was besieged by an English army under Lord Mountjoy.

Hugh O’Neill and his ally Red Hugh O’Donnell took their forces in an epic march south from their Ulster stronghold to assist the Spanish.

The English became trapped between the Irish forces and the town.

However , an attempt to relieve Kinsale ended in disaster when the Spanish failed to advance from the town and the ill-trained and ill-equipped Irish were routed by the English.

The Spanish withdrew a week later.

On a tour of Ireland , if you are in the Cork area , Kinsale is not far away. Well worth seeing for its historical interest and also the great food available.