Welcome to Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours

We are the number one Ireland and Scotland vacation company, with a proven track record of very satisfied customers, but don’t just take our word for it!  Please visit our comprehensive testimonial section.  Unlike other Ireland and Scotland vacation companies, all our team are born and bred in either Ireland or Scotland, and proud to show their countries in full whilst passionate about sharing their local knowledge. Our driver guides will ensure that your private chauffeur driven tour is of the highest quality. We provide bespoke tours of Ireland and Scotland that are truly special.  We like our clients to see the authentic sights and mix with the locals.

Destination Wedding and Tours in Ireland or Scotland


We also specialize in very special destination weddings. What could be more magical than getting married in an ancient church and celebrating in a historical castle. This is a unique service and we are the only provider for Ireland and Scotland.  Our honeymoons also let newlyweds experience the true romance of staying in castles and manor houses while enjoying the beauty of Ireland and Scotland.


One of our most popular services is our golf trips letting you experience the superb courses in both countries and throwing in a few hidden gems.


Castles in Ireland and Scotland, Experience History


Visit the historic castles of Ireland and Scotland in a guided castle vacation. What a great way to not only feel the history around these magical castles, but also to see the majestic countryside while on the road.

We have arranged corporate trips and count some leading companies as our valued customers.

Our Team

Maurice Dowle


Maurice founded Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours in 2008 and remains as a mainstay of the organisation.  He was born in Belfast and attended Queens University, studying Commercial Law. As an ex rugby player he has many contacts throughout Ireland. He will plan your tours meticulously.

Austen Hunter


Austen has a background in security and brings a wealth of experience to the company.  He functions as “Director of Operations” and is essential to the running of the business.  He was born in Ireland and has lived there all his life.  His local knowledge and familiarity with history makes him a top driver/guide.

Bill Dempsey


Bill is a fantastic driver/guide.  He has a great knowledge of both Ireland and Scotland.

Witty, amusing and a great character.  Bill will go out of his way to make your tour a memorable trip.

Jonny Hall


Jonny was born in the city of Belfast but has lived in Scotland for the majority of his life.  He directs our operations in Scotland with a careful and considerate attitude.  He ensures all of our clients have a true Scottish experience and strives to meet all requests by using one of his many friends and contacts in industry.

Colin McLearnon


Colin has a background that includes a lifetime interest in Harley Davidsons.  As such he organises and directs all of our Harley Davidson tours.  He knows the best routes, ride times and scenic drives for riders in Ireland and Scotland.  Born in Belfast he is another massive local influence on the company.

Scott Dowle


Scott takes on the role of logistics manager as well as our IT professional.  He is very thorough in everything he does, and makes sure that all our tours flow properly. Scott is another local who brings his knowledge, friends and contacts to the company to help tailor your tour specifically for you.

Lauren Dowle


Lauren is our social media and advertising guru. She manages our ad campaigns in Ireland, Scotland and the US. Our popularity on Facebook is due to her hard work and our various promotions are managed by her.  Another local and family member emphasising the importance of family in this business.

Brendan Skelly


Brendan is a long-time resident of Limerickand has been with us for several years.  He was a rugby player and travelled throughout Ireland.  Brendan brings a wealth of experience to the company. His knowledge of the history of Ireland is vast, if you want to experience some nice hiking then Brendan is the expert.