On any Ireland tours please consider visiting Belfast.

Belfast is the administrative capital of Northern Ireland, and like other Irish cities is possessed of some fine architecture – although in this case , most of the best buildings date from the Victorian times.

Among these are the imposing Belfast City Hall , with its distinctive blue domes , and fabulous glasswork which can be viewed on tours of the interior. 

Another fine building is the impressive red-brick Queen’s University , which forms the focal point for Belfast’s annual Festival , an event which attracts internationally-famous performers.

Unlike the big cities of the Republic , Belfast , which only gained such status in the lat 19th century, is traditionally associated with industry. First linen , one of Ireland’s best known exports , and latterly shipbuilding and aircraft manufacture.

The ill-fated Titanic was built in Belfast – as was another more recent product which soon sank amid much acrimony, the De Lorean sports car.

The city does not deserve to be associated with failures – it is a fascinating place now benefiting from the more positive atmosphere of the present following much bad publicity in the past.

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