Belfast tours

Belfast tours

If you intend to visit Belfast on any tours of Ireland there are a few things which should not be missed.

Queens University of Belfast is one of the leading universities in the UK if not the world. It is also one of the oldest established universities in the UK. Established in Belfast in 1845 as one of the three ” Queens Colleges in Ireland ” , it became a fully fledged university in 1908. The architecture is absolutely superb and there are lots of bars and coffee shops around to let you ” soak up ” the atmosphere. Its a real hidden gem.

Belfast City Hall is an Edwardian masterpiece opened in 1906 and is a must see attraction. It is built in Portland stone and dominates the centre of Belfast. In December there is the fantastic Continental Market in the grounds. A real European flavour. Durban city hall in South Africa is a replica of the one in Belfast.

Titanics Dock and Pump-House is very much as it was in 1911. Beside it is the vast dry dock that Titanic was built in. This is a real piece of Belfast history. The local wags , when questioned about the building of the ship and the disaster , reply ” well she was alright when she left Belfast “. The pump house was the beating heart of Harland & Wolffs operation during the construction of the great White Star Liners – Britannic , Olympic , and RMS Titanic. There is a cafe inside now where you can have a coffee and imagine what it was once like. Most people you meet in Belfast will have had some sort of relative who worked in or around the shipyard. In my opinion another must see attraction.

Campbell College is a school in Belfast. Founded in 1894 one of its past pupils was C.S Lewis. The lampost which inspired his Narnia stories is still in the grounds. The building is superb and remeniscent of  Tom Browns Schooldays . It sits in some 100 acres of grounds and is well worth seeing. Another hidden gem.

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