Boa Island

boa_islandBoa Island is on Lough Erne in County Fermanagh and is a hidden gem to see on any Ireland tours.

It is at the Northern end of the Lower Lough and is barely an island these days at it is connected to the mainland by bridges.

On the island is one of the most evocative carvings of Lough Erne , a double-faced JANUS figure.

Caldragh cemetery is an ancient Christian burial ground and you will find the JANUS figure here. It is an idol of yellow stone with very bold symmetrical features.

It has the phallus on one side  , and a belt and crossed limbs on the other. The figure was probably an invocation of fertility and a depiction of a god-hero.

There is another carved stone nearby called LUSTY MAN.

This island and these carvings are just another example of the wide variety of interesting sights to see on tours of Ireland.

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