Caherconnell….Gateway to the forts and tombs of The Burren

Caherconnell….Gateway to the forts and tombs of The Burren

Built over 1000 years ago , and more than twice the size of the regular fort , Caherconnell is the only fort in The Burren scientifically excavated and developed for tourism.

It is worth seeing on any tours of Ireland that take you to The Burren.

It is also close to :

CAHERMORE : Stands at Ballyalliban close to Aillwee Cave. Its most striking feature is its reconstructed doorway. This doorway is a good example of doorways found in ringforts at the time.

CAHERMACNAUGHTEN : Played a key role as a major law school of the native or Brehon tradition overseen by the O’Dabhoireanns. The fort was occupied up to the 16th Century.

POULAWACK CAIRN : A hilltop cairn excavated in 1934. The remains of four people buried around 3400 BC and nine others buried over the next 1000 years were discovered there.

POULNABRONE : A megalithic burial tomb. It is The Burren’s most famous archaelogical monument. It was excavated in 1986. The remains of 33 people were discovered , some dating back to 3000 BC.

CAHERCONNELL PREHISTORIC CHAMBER : Excavated in 2008 and 2009 this is an original extremely well preserved prehistoric chamber. According to a number of experts this site is currently unique in the archaeology of Ireland and Britain.

CAHERCOMMAUN : One of the best known ringforts in the region. It seems to have flourished in the ninth and tenth centuries. Excavated in 1934 , its finds include fifty-five spindle whorls. This suggests wool production played an important role in the economy of the fort.

Some great sights to enjoy on Ireland tours , both must see attractions and hidden gems.