Carlow , County Carlow

A real hiddem gem for your tours of Ireland !!!

The county town has a lovely situation on the bank of the River Barrow and is a bustling market and manufacturing centre.

Because of its strategic location it served as an important Norman and English stronghold during the Middle Ages , and was a vital frontier town of the Pale until the 17th century.

It was here that the first clash of the 1798 rebellion took place , and over 600 rebels were slaughtered.

Only a wall remains of a 13th century castle. It was destroyed when a doctor leased it in 1814 for use as a mental hospital. The doctor , who wanted an open-plan ward system , set explosives to remove the inner walls and managed to blow up most of the building! Now thats Irish !!!

Have a wee look at Carlow on your Ireland tours.