One of the four provinces of Ireland.

This Northwest province covers an area of 6838 square miles.

It has a population of around 500,000.

Connacht is the least arable but one of the most beautiful provinces of Ireland.

Its name derives from the Connachta , followers of Conn of the Hundred Battles , a branch of the Venii tribe in pre-christian Ireland.

The province consists of the counties Roscommon , Galway , Mayo , Leitrim , and Sligo.

Connacht is known for such tourist attractions as Galway Bay , Claddagh (now part of Galway City and famous for the Claddagh ring) , the Irish-speaking Aran Islands , and Connemara (with its famous marble , ponies , and bogs).

During the Cromwellian Settlement , the dispossessed Catholic Irish landowners were sent to Connacht.

Oliver Cromwell is reputed to have said : “To Hell and or to Connacht”.

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