Coole Park , Galway , Ireland

Coole Park , Galway , Ireland

A real hidden gem for any tours of Ireland.

Coole Park is an estate near Gort , County Galway.

It is associated with the “Irish Literary Revival”.

It was the home of Lady (Augusta) Gregory , the dramatist , folklorist , and translator.

She married Sir William Gregory of Coole Park , and lived there after his death in 1892.

The famous W.B.Yeats spent frquent holidays there from 1897 , and he and Lady Gregory collected folklore in the surrounding countryside. In 1919 Yeats wrote the poem “The Wild Swans at Coole” and later he wrote “Coole Park 1929”

If in Galway on Ireland tours this hidden gem is worth a look…..especially if you are a fan of W.B.Yeats.