County Monaghan

County Monaghan is an inland county, one of the three counties of the province of Ulster in the Republic of Ireland.  Its name is derivedfrom the Irish Muineachan, "the place of the shrubs."  The county is bordered on the east by Louth and Armagh, on the north by Tyrone, on the west by Fermanagh and Cavan, and on the south by Meath.  The principal rivers in the county are the Finn and the Blackwater.  The Slivebeagh Mountains along the northwest border of the county separate it from Tyrone.  Along the principal lakes in the county are Lough Erne, Lough Eaglish, Lough  Muckno, and Glaslough.

Monaghan was dominated by the MacMahon family until the execution of Aodh Rua MacMahon in October 1590.  The county was subsequently divided between the remaining native chieftains and a small number of English settlers.  This so-called "native plantation" was largely successful in introducing English land-owning systems into the county.  After partition, the county was incorporated into the Irish Free State.  The principal towns in the county are Monaghan town, the county capital, Clones, and Castleblaney.

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