Craggaunowen…..the living past in Ireland

If you are on tours of Ireland then this is an interactive experience that you might enjoy.

It maps many changes , which the Celts brought to daily life in Ireland during the Pre-historic and Early Christian eras.

Features include a RING FORT , CRANNOG which is a lake dwelling and also an IRON AGE ROADWAY. There is also an OUTDOOR COOKING SITE.

You can even see species from the Pre-historic era , including SOAY SHEEP and WILD BOAR.

Craggaunowen is also home to the BRENDAN BOAT , a hide boat in which adventurer "Tim Severin" sailed from Ireland to Newfoundland , re-enacting the voyage of Saint Brendan , who is reputed to have discovered America centuries before Columbus !!

There is also CRAGGAUNOWEN CASTLE , built in 1550 , to explore and its a real hidden gem.

An interesting stop on any Ireland tours , near Quin , in County Clare.