Culdaff and the ancient sites , Donegal

Culdaff and the ancient sites , Donegal

To the east of the town of Cardonagh in County Donegal is a group of historical remains worth seeing on any Ireland tours…..

THE CARROWMORE HIGH CROSSES  and a few meagre stones are all that remain of the ancient monastery of Saint Chonas ( who was the husband of Dareaca , who was the sister of Saint Patrick )

THE CLONCHA CROSS AND CHURCH   is all that is left of what was the most important monastic foundation in Inishowen. This status is reflected in the beautiful designs carved on the cross’s stem. There is also an outstanding tenth century tombstone.

THE BOCAN STONE CIRCLE  is worth seeing also

THE TEMPLE OF DEEN  is thought to be the exposed central chamber of an immense cairn.

A good base for exploring these hidden gems is the quaint village of Culdaff set around an ancient stone bridge and a beautiful beach.

At Ireland Luxury Tours we often build Donegal into our tours of Ireland as the countryside is just stunning and the relics so interesting.

It is also accessible on some of our 3 day extended Belfast tours.