Donegal is actually an Ulster county. It is in the West.

Though it is in the ” Eurozone ” (uses Euros as a currency ) it is actually an Ulster county ( sterling currency ). Ireland can be confusing !!!

It is an area which is stunningly beautiful. It has mountains as well as beautiful coastline. All accessible on any Ireland tours.

It is one of Irelands most remote regions , characterised by fjord – like bays allowing the Atlantic breakers to penetrate the  green glens of the countryside.

It has three mountain ranges : the  ” Derryveaghs ” , the ” Glendowans ” , and the ” Blue stacks ”

For sheer natural beauty the ” Glenveagh National Park ” is a must see attraction on any tours of Ireland.

The coastline and beaches are rugged and sandy but there are some real hidden gems that are so remote you will be alone even at the height of the tourist season.

There is also a large ” Gaeltact ” area which sustains the natural language on a day to day basis. People speak Gaelic as part of their everyday lives.

If you are coming to Ireland dont miss Donegal.