Dublin Museum

Dublin Museum

The archaeological collection at Dublin museum is the primary repository of ancient Irish artefacts and an indispensable source for researchers into the development of Irish civilization from prehistoric times until the end of the Middle Ages and beyond. If you find yourself in Dublin on Ireland tours check out the history on show. It is a must see attraction in our opinion.

The period covered by the exhibitions extends from the Mesolithic through to the end of the medieval period , and includes internationally known treasures such as the Ardagh Chalice , ‘Tara’ Brooch and Derrynaflan Hoard.

Based on core collections assembled in the late 18th and 19th Centuries by the Royal Dublin Society and the Royal Irish Academy , the archaeological collections have been added to considerably over the last 100 years and now number in excess of two million objects.

The collection is significant in extent , diversity and quality and three areas are of acknowledged international standing. These are the prehistoric gold collections ; ecclesiastical metalwork and personal ornaments of the early medieval period ; and the Viking Dublin assemblage.

Archaeological objects found in Ireland are State property and the core collection continues to grow rapidly , mainly as a result of large-scale archaeological excavation.

Any tours of Ireland should take in Dublin Museum to appreciate the rich history of Ireland.