Dunbeg Fort , Dingle Peninsula

Dunbeg Fort , Dingle Peninsula


On Ireland tours you simply must visit the Dingle Peninsula !!

And if yoiu do you must visit Dunbeg Fort…a real must see attraction in Ireland !!!

The location of An Dún Beag , or Dunbeag Promontory Fort , makes it one of the most dramatic archaeological sites on the peninsula.

It has been excavated and results show that it was begun in the late Bronze Age , 800 BC , and was used right through the Celtic period up to the 10th century.

Even the excavation results did not reveal conclusively what the site was used for.  It may have been defensive , or used for ritual purposes. Or it may simply have just been lived in.

This small but impressive fort is located on a sheer cliff promontory which projects South into Dingle Bay at the base of Mt. Eagle.

It is a fantastic addition to any tours of Ireland !!