Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle


One of the best castle ruins in Ireland is Dunluce Castle , which broods over the cliffs of the Antrim coastline near Portrush and the Giants Causeway.

This romantic structure saw turbulent times following its completion around 1300.

It was from here that the MacDonnells ruled their part of northern Ulster until the late 16th century , when the castle was captured by the English – only for it to be retaken by the MacDonnells in an audacious assault which involved the raiding party hauling itself up the cliff face in a suspended basket.

Dunluce was later expanded with the help of treasure recovered from the wreck of a Spanish galleon , which foundered on the Giant’s Causeway during the attempted Armada invasion of England. The treasure of the “Girona” is on view in the Ulster Museum.

However, it was abandoned in 1639 when part of the cliff collapsed

It remains very much the same to this day.

We include it with our tours to the Giants Causeway as it should not be missed. Though many tour operators do not visit the castle.

We provide private tours for cruise ships and Belfast tours which can be expanded to take in the castle.

Our Ireland tours will include the North Coast and the castle needs to be seen to be appreciated.