Dunseverick Castle , County Antrim

Dunseverick Castle , County Antrim

On Ireland tours that take you to the North Coast you will stop above Whitepark Bay and see the little village of Portbradden. Whitepark Bay is a must , must see attraction.

From Portbradden the coast path leads round a headland , through a spectacular hole in the rock and then , by degrees , up to the cliffs of Benbane Head.

The road and path almost converge at Dunseverick Castle , now no more than the ruins of a 16th century gatehouse and a hidden gem. 

This was once the capital of the old kingdom of Dalriada, which spread over north Antrim and Scotland , and the terminus of one of the five great roads that led from Tara , the ancient capital of Ireland. 

Its location, naturally enough, made it one of the main departure points for the great Irish colonization of Scotland that took place from the 5th century onwards , and the castle was stormed by the Danes in the 9th and 10th centuries.

Why not see it on one of our extended Belfast tours that take the whole coast road Northwards.