Early Churches in Ireland

Early Churches in Ireland

If you come on any Ireland tours , relegion , and chuches are a huge part of Irish history.

In early Irish Christianity , churches were built of wood or occasionally of earth – presumably small boxlike structures with corner beams. But the double church for monks and nuns at Kildare , as described by St. Brigid’s seventh century biographer Cogitosus , suggests a larger , taller building with chapels and drapes , as well as painted images.

Hispercia Famina , another text of the same period , describes a church of massive timbers with a central altar, a western porch , and four steeples.

Stone churches became more popular after A.D. 800, but wooden churches continued to be built in the twelfth century.

You will find old ruined churches and fascinating historical examples on any tours of Ireland.

Our Belfast tours take you beyond the city to see some fine examples such as St Cuthberts , where the sailors from the Spanish Armada , are buried. See it when at the Giants Causeway , its a real hidden gem.