Enniskillen Castle

Enniskillen Castle

Enniskillen Castle is a hidden gem situated beside Lough Erne in County Fermanagh.

It was built almost 600 years ago by Gaelic Maguire chieftains.

The chieftain at the time, King Thomas Maguire, known as Thomas the Great , ruled from the area of Lisnaskea in the south-eastern part of the county.

His younger brother , Hugh ‘The Hospitable’ Maguire , was the deputy chieftain.

It is he who is credited with building Enniskillen Castle and locating it in such a strong defensive position beside the River Erne.

The original castle was a small square tower-house , guarded one of the few passes into Ulster and defended Fermanagh from general attack and particularly from the neighbouring O’Rourke and O’Donnell clans.

Guarding one of the few passes into Ulster meant it was strategically important throughout its history.

In the 17th century it became an English garrison fort and later served as part of a military barracks.

It is now a fantastic military museum and well worth seeing on any tours of Ireland.

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