Giants Causeway ….the geology and the mythology…

Giants Causeway ….the geology and the mythology…

Dont miss this Causeway as it was formed 60 Million years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions and is a must see attraction on any Ireland tours !!!!

The lava cooled and hardened, it formed layers of basalt rock to become the Giant’s Causeway. You can see approximately 40,000 columns of basalt rock today…..YES 40,000 !!

Lava flowed into a depression in the ground. It cooled, hardened, shrunk and cracked to form the hexagonal columns we see today.The Causeway is made up of layers of rock and the bottom layer is known as ‘Lower Basalt’.

During 2 Million years of warm , wet climate the lower basalt weathered to form a deep red rock called ‘Laterite’.

More volcanic eruptions occurred and lava poured onto the red rock. It cooled and hardened forming the ‘Causeway’ or ‘Middle Basalts’. ‘Upper Basalts’ formed during a third period of volcanic eruptions. Most of this layer was lost to erosion during the last ice age , 15 ,000 years ago.

The Mythology is perhaps a little more interseting ?…..It is certainly more “Irish”…

Long ago, an Irish giant named Finn MacCool roamed the north coast, where he could look across the narrow sea of Moyle to Scotland.
A Scottish giant , Benandonner , was Finn’s greatest rival , challenging his strength and reputation.

As the two giants had never met , Finn decided to invite Benandonner to Ireland , to engage in a decisive battle.

There was no boat large enough to carry giants , so Finn built a causeway of huge stones across the water so that the Scottish giant could travel on dry land ; thus he would have no excuse to avoid the confrontation.

However, as big Ben approached , Finn realised to his horror that his opponent was a larger and more fearsome rival than he anticipatedand he fled to his home in the nearby hills where , like any sensible man he asked his wife for advice.

She was a practical woman and disguised Finn as a baby , complete with large nightgown and bonnet. She placed him in a huge , hastily made cradle  , telling him to keep quiet and pretend to sleep.

As Benandonner’s great shadow darkened the door. Oonagh brought the Scottish giant in for tea pleading with him not to waken Finn’s child.

Looking at the massive ‘baby’ lying in the cradle Benandonner took fright , saying that if this was the child , he had no wish to meet the father.

He fled back to Scotland , ripping up the Causeway behind him , terrified that the awful Finn might follow him home.

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