Glasnevin Cemetery

Glasnevin Cemetery

This is an odd topic for a blog….but definitely a bit of a hidden gem on any tours of Ireland.

The cemetery is in Dublin and is the main cemetery. It is on the Northside in the suburb of Glasnevin.

It was established by Daniel O’Connell in 1832 as a nondenominational resting place , operated by a committee. Any relegion could be buried there.

Over 0ne million people are buried here , including “Michael Collins” , “Eamon De Valera” , and “Peadar Kearney” (who wrote the words of the Irish National Anthem)

Irelands first crematorium opened at Glasnevin in 1988…….yes 1988 !!!

The chapel is by J.J MacCarthy , and the Finglass Road gate by William Pearse….the father of the famous Patrick Pearse.

If your are on tours of Ireland and find yourself in Dublin take a wander around. You will be amazed at who you may find buried there.