Grafton Street , Dublin

Grafton Street , Dublin

On tours of Ireland you may visit Dublin….if you do take a walk up Grafton Street.

This street was originally called ‘ the highway to St. Stephens Green ‘.

The street runs from St. Stephen’s Green to College Green in the North.

The street was supposedly named after Henry FitzRoy , 1st Duke of Grafton , who owned land in the area.

Since the 1980s , the street has been mostly pedestrianised , with the exception of the short stretch running between Nassau Street and College Green.

This short stretch contains two notable Dublin landmarks , the eighteenth century Trinity College Provost’s House , home to the head of the college , and the late twentieth century statue of Molly Malone , which has become a popular Dublin meeting place.

Ireland tours lead you to Dublin and Dublin leads you to Grafton Street !!!! A must see attraction.