Hill of Tara

hill of taraThirteen kilometres south of Navan is one of Ireland's most famous antiquities, the Hill of Tara.  This shows evidence of occupation from many different periods, and was the symbolic seat of the High Kings until the 11th century.  Its history is steeped in legends, but archeological evidence suggests thatsome grim events must have taken place here.  Various ring forts can be seen, tough some were damaged in recent years by a group known as the British Israelites searching for the Ark of the Covenant.  The site has probably always been associated with religious cults of some kind, though its influence waned after the arrival of Christianity.  It was from this hill that King Laoghaire and the Druids first noticed St Patrick's defiant fire on the nearby Hill of Slane.

The Hill of Tara is now just a grassy flat-topped hill grazed by sheep, reached by a field path from the parking place.  It rises only 100m or so from the surrounding land, but the views over the plains are very extensive.  Various inconclusive mounds and earthworks indicate the locations of the old palaces, banquet hall and Bronze Age burial sites, and many artefacts have been unearthed.  A visitor centre in a nearby church explains the site.

Tara's most significant event in recent times was a mass meeting called by the nationalist leader Daniel O'Connell which is said to have attracted over a million people.  This alarmed the British Government, who suppressed O'Connell's activities and thus put one more nail in the coffin of a peaceful Anglo-Irish settlement.

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