Hillsborough and Hillsborough Castle

Hillsborough and Hillsborough Castle

The historic village of Hillsborough , merits a visit on any Ireland tours , maybe more of a must see attraction than a hidden gem.

Its main street has a chintzy , middle English ambience re-inforced by a sprinkling of tea rooms and Antique shops. There are also some great pubs and restaurants , such as “the Plough”

You get the best of Hillsborough by folowing a route that starts from the war memorial and heads up the magnificent approach to the eighteenth century Gothic parish church.

There is also an elegant but ruined fort in Hillsborough which was constructed in 1650.

There is Hillsborough lake which is stocked with brown and rainbow trout…simply magnificent.

Perhaps the best known building is Hillsborough Castle , which is a mansion dating from 1797 , which is used to house visiting diplomats and royalty.

Hillsborough can be reached on our extended Belfast tours even from the cruise ships.

But on tours of Ireland it can be included while travelling between Belfast and Dublin.