Hunt Museum , Limerick , Ireland

Hunt Museum , Limerick , Ireland

hunt museumThis is a museum of art and Celtic artifacts worth seeing on any tours of Ireland.

Art historian and connoisseur John Hunt advised many collectors , including William Randolph Hearst.

Hunt and his wife , Gertrude , also assembled their own eclectic collection of objets d’art , which they left in trust to Irish people.

The collection found its permenent home in the Hunt Museum , the eighteenth-century Custom House in Limerick City , which was offically opened in 1997.

The collection of two thousand items , ranging from the Stone Age to Picasso , includes a bronze horse by Leonardo da Vinci , Irish prehistoric and medieval antiquities , eighteenth-century Irish delfware , and paintings by Renoir and Yeats.

This museum is a definite hidden gem on any Ireland tours.