Ireland Luxury Tours and “Tales to Tell”…..

Ireland Luxury Tours and “Tales to Tell”…..

Ireland Luxury Tours are proud to offer a unique opportunity for their clients to enjoy a new experience on tours of Ireland or even Belfast day tours………                          


 The Coast Road drive in Co. Antrim winds it’s way along some of the most spectacular scenery Ireland has to offer and it is on our doorstep.

Famous as the route to the Giant’s Causeway the Coastal Road meanders through villages and rocky steep sided gorges interrupted by tempting roads leading to the Nine Glens.

Situated one hour from Belfast on the A.2 between Carnlough and Cushendall the third glen GLENARIFF is considered to be ‘Queen of the Glens.’ It’s no wonder that Thackeray described it as ‘Switzerland in miniature’. The glen is breath-taking to behold as it   majestically sweeps into a ‘U’ shaped valley, one of the best examples of this geological  feature in Europe.  

Glenariffe Tea House  in Genariff Forest Park  offers both magnificent  views over this valley and excellent home-made food made from local produce.The tea house is situated conveniently near the car park and has disabled access to both the gift shop and restroom facilities.

Acknowledged in the Sunday Times ‘ Top Twenty Walks in Britain’ there are  way-marked walks of varying lengths winding through the forest leading  to some of Glenariff’s most  beautiful and scenic areas.                           

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               ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea and  Stories in the Glens.’

In an area steeped in local folk-lore  and traditional tales, Glenariff  Tea House  with talestotell offers the perfect setting and comfort for a traditional story-telling session  to accompany your visit.

Come and experience an authentic irish story-telling session with shannachie, writer and broadcaster Liz Gough. Liz will tell captivating stories from her native Co Antrim and other traditional tales.

For more information on talestotell contact Liz Gough;


Tel: 02890681094

Mob: 07590903424


MOLLY COLHOUN ( an extract from the story)
One particular Friday night Molly’s grandmother noticed that extra care was being taken with the brushing of hair and the pressing of best skirt and blouse. She smiled to herself knowing full well that Molly had her eye on a young man. She had watched her looking his way on Market Day. His people owned a decent farm in the next parish and they were regarded as a hardworking, God fearing family. He seemed like a good lad. Never the less there were more pressing matters to be concerned about at present and she reminded Molly so.
” Now go and enjoy yourself tonight Molly but remember you need to be in the house well before midnight. It’s your duty as the last foot over the threshold to make sure the fire burns high in the grate and the Holy Water rises to the brim in the font at the door. Don’t forget to bolt the door closed top and bottom and turn the key, and for God’s sake Molly make sure to leave the dance with enough  time to get home while it is safe. You look lovely darlin’.”
The old woman smiled at the beautiful young girl who stood folding her soft  dancing pumps into her pocket as she listened.
” Why are you worrying gran? Sure I’m always home on time and don’t I always leave the the place exactly as you say it should be. I’ll see you later.”
Molly finished tying the laces of her walking shoes, then kissed her grandmother’s cheek warmly and disappeared out the front door. Her grand- mother watched from the kitchen window as Molly turned left at the stony road beside the graveyard, over the humped back bridge at Dead Man’s Field and onto the road leading to the village. In the distance Molly turned and waved reassuredly as she waited for her friends at the crossroads. The walk to the next parish would be shorter for the company.
The dance hall was full that evening. As it was in those days the men stood on one side of the hall and the women on the other, it being the custom for a girl to wait until she was asked. So Molly stood with her friends, her toe tapping in time to the music. The wait was short and soon she was dancing the night away. Now it was all very well to be asked, but Molly had hoped that the young man she had her eye on might have made his way over to ask her to dance, but it was not to be. The night passed and to no avail, Molly was left disappointed. She looked up at the dance hall clock. It was eleven thirty, time for Molly to leave. She returned to the bench  where her coat and walking shoes lay and sat down to unlace her soft dancing pumps. It was then she heard a voice saying,
“Would you be dancing?”
Molly looked up to see the handsome young man she had been waiting for all evening standing in front of her with his hand out in invitation. In a split second Molly laced her pumps back up again, took his hand and returned to the dance floor with her heart in a flutter.
” It’ll be alright,” she told herself as the music started up. “Sure I’ll just steal a few minutes more and I can run all the way home.”
The young girl danced and danced in his arms, and as it is when you are having fun Molly did not see the time fly by so caught up she was in the moment. But happiness turned to fright when her eye caught the time on the clock as her handsime partner spun her round and round.
“Glory be to God it’s ten minutes to twelve,” the young girl cried out as she broke free  and ran from his arms.
“I’ll never make it home on time!”