Ireland Luxury Tours suggested itinerary……starting in Dublin

Ireland Luxury Tours suggested itinerary……starting in Dublin

We at Ireland Luxury Tours like to suggest starting points to allow you to consider and create a tour of Ireland that appeals.

Most of our American and North American clients fly into Dublin ….. therefore this is a reasonable starting point for many.

Whilst Ireland is not a large island it is extensive in real terms. Many have thought that the distances would allow substantial mileage per day. However the roads which allow you to really see Ireland , and experience the authentic sights and life , are not high speed highways. Also there is nothing better than driving through a little village and just deciding to stop and enjoy the scenery or even a quick pint of Guinness ! We like to “tootle” along and take in the sights properly.

Therefore if we begin in Dublin , a nice idea is to drive across the middle of Ireland to Galway , allowing you to recover from the flight and enjoy you first taste of Ireland. It is a leisurely drive of approx 3 hours.

Stay in Galway for a few days and start to realise what Ireland has to offer. There are many attractions to enjoy depending on your interests. Ireland Luxury Tours will work with you to personalise this sightseeing.

Then the choice is North or South. Many clients like to take in the North. Given the recent turmoil , which is over without a doubt , the North offers many hidden gems which are only being discovered by tourists. In my opinion the North coast is the most magnificent part of Ireland that you could possibly see.

If you spend a few days North or South depending on your preference then a return to Dublin allows you to enjoy this magnificent city for a few days before the flight home. You can “chill out” and reflect on the tour and what you have seen , eaten , drank , and enjoyed.

This can be achieved in a week with proper planning and local knowledge. You will not feel that you have been hurried and will be relaxed andenjoy quality time in Ireland. Unlike many of the “whistle stop” coach tours on offer.

If you have longer than 7/8 days then a complete tour Ireland is very possible.

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