Knappogue Castle & Walled Garden

Knappogue Castle is Quin , County Clare .... a hidden gem .... and well worth a look on any tours of Ireland.

Built by the McNamara clan, Knappogue Castle was occupied by Cromwell's soldiers in 1641, but later returned to the McNamara family.  In 1855 the castle was aquired by Lord Dunboyne.

In the 1900's Knappogue fell into decay, until purchased by Mr & Mrs Andrews of Houston, Texas, who restored it to its former glory in 1966.  Visitors can roam the wonderful castle with its many interesting artefacts and furnishings and can stroll through the magical Victorian style walled garden, with its symmetrical pathways and well-tended rectangular plots.

There is a popular Medieval Banquet at Knappogue Castle worth considering on any Ireland tours.