One of the four provinces. You will be sure to see part of it on tours of Ireland , even if you only land in Dublin airport.

Though in my opinion Dublin is a must see attraction.

The province which covers an area of 7,645 square miles, has a population of over 2 million .

Leinster consists of the counties Carlow , Dublin , Kildare , Kilkenny , Laois , Longford , Louth , Meath , Offaly , Westmeath , Wexford , and Wicklow.

The name derives from Laigini, a powerful tribe in pre-Christian Ireland.

In the 12th century, the Leinster King Dermot MacMurrough sought help from the English King Henry II to regain his kingdom , initiating the Anglo-Norman Conquest.

Irelands capital , the city of Dublin, is on the Irish Sea , in the eastern part of the province. See the city on any Ireland tours you may be planning. Dont miss the likes of Halfpenny bridge … below … a real hidden gem !!!!!