Lia Fail Stone , County Meath

The Hill of Tara was the most important sacred centre of ancient Ireland , and was the seat of power of the high - kings of the country for several centuries. It is well worth a visit on any tours of Ireland.

The hill abounds in ancient monuments , including raths , tumuli , embankments , and enclosures.

This granite standing - stone was formerly situated on the "Mound of the Hostages" , a small prehistoric passage-grave at Tara where kings were inaugrated. However in recent centuries the stone was transferred to another mound about 130 yards to the south. It now stands there in an equally prominent position.

The stone is a carved round-topped monolith , reaching to a height of 5.2 feet overground.

Its name means "the stone of Fal" and the word Fal is most likely translated into "prosperity".

It was clearly the most important ritual stone in the country and the mythologists claimed that it had been brought to Ireland by the divine race called "Tuatha De Danaan"

The Hill of Tara is a must see attraction on any Ireland tours if you want to see some of the ancient history that typifies this enchanting country.