Lough Eske , Donegal

Lough Eske , Donegal

Lough Eske is the “lake of fish”….in Donegal.

It is a fishing lough and you can catch “chat” , a tasty nine inch long species of the salmon family. They lurk in the depths at the centre of the lake , moving out to the shallow edges around late October , where they cab be easily fished using worms.

The sandy banks of the river Eske are also known for fresh water oysters – some of which are reputed to contain pearls – but they are a protected species and it is illegal to take them.

The ruins of an O’Donnell Tower , once a prison , stands on one of the small islands on the lake.

The most enjoyable way to get to this area of soft beauty is to take the minor road , as is often the way on tours of Ireland.

At the southern end of the lough you will find Harveys Point Country Hotel which offers outstanding accomodation.

Dont miss the hidden gem which is Lough Eske on your Ireland tours.