Lough Gur , County Limerick

The area around the lake is one of Ireland’s most important archaeological sites. There is a centre housed in replica Neolithic dwellings. Its exhibits tell the story of 5000 years of human in-habitation at the lough.

The surrounding area is full of archaeological features , including crannogs , a gallery grave (where 12 bodies dating from c. 2000 BC were found) , massive stone circles and a 15th century castle , our Ireland castle vacations tours are probably the best way to see the area. The full historical importance of this region was first realized during the 19th century when the lake was partially drained.

According to legend , the last of the local Desmond chieftains rules beneath Lough Gur’s remaining waters , emerging every seven years on a silver-shod horse.

Lough Gur is a real hidden gem that is steeped in history which makes it a must see on your tours of Ireland.