Mountains Of Mourne

Mountains Of Mourne

1144077369New 16th September 2004The Mountains of Mourne are a must see attraction on any tours of Ireland.

Born in fire, shaped by ice, gentled by rain and sun and living things, the Mountains of Mourne are a place apart, and they occupy a unique place in the hearts of those who have been touched by their spell.

For people around the world in whose veins runs even a drop of Celtic blood the Mountains of Mourne are held in a remarkable affection.

For the generations , of all ages and backgrounds , who have rambled and scrambled their paths and rocky slopes , studied their stone , sought their flowers and listened to the music of their streams , they are revered as a very special wilderness haven.

For millions who may never have walked them , or even looked on them , but know them folklore , picture and song , they evoke a singular nostalgia , seeming almost to embody Ireland’s mystical heritage.

H V Morton wrote: ‘The Mountains of Mourne … are different from the blue hills of Donegal , different from the weird peaks of Kerry or the wild highlands of the West ; yet they are linked to all these by that unearthly quality of the Irish landscape which I can describe only as something half in this world and half in the next.’  (In Search of Ireland)

Dont miss them on any Ireland tours….or any Belfast tours.

If you are in Belfast on a cruise ship take a trip to the Mountains of Mourne.