Mountjoy Jail

Tours of Ireland .... with Ireland Luxury Tours....usually include Dublin.

Part of Dublins darker sights includes Mountjoy Jail.

Mountjoy Jail is a prison dating from 1850.  This Dublin jail has housed many thousands of inmates in its history, ranging from petty thieves to notorious murderers and famous figures in Irish history.  Several of the Invincibles, a militant nationalist group, were executed in the jail for the Phoenix Park murders in 1883.  Brendan Behan's experiences as a prisoner in Mountjoy were described in his play The Quare Fellow (1954).  After the Easter Rising of 1916, a hunger strike was mounted by republican prisoners which culminated in the death of Thomas Ashe in September 1917.  On October 14, 2001, ten Volunteers, who had been tried and executed in the jail by British military court-martial in 1920-21, were honored with a state funeral and the remains of nine of them were re-interred in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.  Now a medium security prison with a capacity of 670.  Mountjoy is the main prison in the Irish Republic for adult males.

Not recommended to visit but a very interesting history.