One of the four provinces of Ireland. You will certainly see something of the province on many Ireland tours.

The province, which covers 9, 526 square miles, has a population of over 1 million.

Munster consists of the counties Clare , Cork , Kerry , Limerick , Tipperary , and Waterford.

The name derives from Muma , an ancient kingdom in the south of Ireland , which was later divided into Deas Mumhan (Deasmond) , South Munster , and Tua Mumhan (Thomond) , North Munster.

The province has some of Ireland's most beautiful scenery, including the rugged coastlines of counties Clare , Cork , and Kerry , the Lakes of Killarney , and the Burren. All could be considered must see attractions.

The famous Battle of Kinsale (in County Cork) in 1601 ended Nine Years War rebellion of the Ulster Irish Chieftains and effectively abolished the old Gaelic order.

A famous province and well worth a visit.......on any tours of Ireland.

Slea Head

Slea Head