Newgrange Megalithic Mound

The Megalithic Passage Tomb at Newgrange was built about 3200 BC and is a must see attraction on any Ireland tours.

The kidney shaped mound covers an area of over one acre and is surrounded by 97 kerbstones , some of which are richly decorated with megalithic art. The 19 metre long inner passage leads to a cruciform chamber with a corbelled roof. It is estimated that the construction of the Passage Tomb at Newgrange would have taken a work force of 300 at least 20 years.

Megalithic mounds such as Newgrange entered Irish mythology as sídhe or fairy mounds. Newgrange was said to be the home of Oenghus, the god of love. The Passage Tomb at Newgrange was re-discovered in 1699 by the removal of material for road building. A major excavation of Newgrange began in 1962; the original facade of sparkling white quartz was rebuilt using stone found at the site.

On any tours of Ireland with Ireland Luxury Tours you can visit Newgrange........its a hidden gem.