Newgrange….older than the Pyramids !!

Newgrange….older than the Pyramids !!

Newgrange is a passage-grave in the Boyne Valley , in County Meath.

Newgrange is Irelands most famous prehistoric monument , built about 500 years before the PYRAMIDS…..and a millenium before STONEHENGE !!

Under a large mound some 280 feet in diameter and 36 feet high , a 66 foot long passage leads to a burial chamber 20 feet high.

The grave is renowned for the rising sun shining into it for seventeen minutes as it climbs over the horizon at the winter solstace a few days before CHRISTMAS.

Accessible from the chamber are 3 burial niches , two with stone basins (probably for cremated bone).

The beautifully carved stone at the entrance , others in the tomb chamber , as well as some of the 97 large recumbent slabs forming the mounds kerb , are decorated with a variety of geometrical designs.

Enclosing this Stone Age mound are 12 out of the original 38 upright boulders which once formed a Bronze Age circle around it.

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