O’Connell Street , Dublin

Again if you are on any tours of Ireland , and in Dublin , Grafton Street is worth walking down !!

Located in the heart of Dublin City , O'Connell Street forms part of a grand throughfare created in the 18th century that runs through the center of the capital , comprising Carlisle Bridge , Westmoreland Street , College Green and Dame Street , terminating at City Hall and Dublin Castle.

This street was originally called Drogheda Street and was once known as one of the widest streets in Europe. It was widened and expanded by Luke Gardiner during the 1750's and was renamed Sackville Street , after which , Dublin Corporation renamed it in honor of Daniel O'Connell in 1924 , a statue stands at the lower end of the street, facing O'Connell Bridge.

Ireland tours often end up in Dublin....try and end up in O ' Connell Street...a must see attraction.