Saint Patrick in Ireland

On any Ireland tours the name of Saint Patrick will be sure to crop up. He is the patron saint of Ireland after all !!!

When Saint Patrick first arrived in Ireland , early in the fifth century AD ,  it is likely that even earlier missionaries had preceded him in attempts to woo the Druids of the time.

But it was the Irish patron saint himself who takes the credit for establishing Christianity as the relegion that still holds sway over the country today.

Patrick established his first church at Saul , near what is now the town of Downpatrick in County Down.

Nothing remains of the original structure , but a faithful replica , based on an early design , now stands on the site and is in regular use as a consecrated place of worship.

Allegedly , in 1183 , the relics of Ireland's three greatest saints , Patrick himself , Brigid , and Columba , were discovered at Downpatrick. There is a cathedral which still stands today , although it is much restored following virtual destruction by English forces in the 16th century.

Outside the cathedral is a large stone , purporting to cover Saint Patrick's actual burial site.

If you are on any tours of Ireland the area is worth visiting.

At Ireland Luxury Tours we have a great itinerary which takes in the Ards Peninsula , a short and beautiful ferry trip , and a visit to Downpatrick Cathedral. What could be better on a visit to Ireland than to say you stood at Saint Patricks grave. Our Belfast tours extend to this area and there are a host of hidden gems for you to discover.