Saint Stephens Green

Saint Stephens Green

On any tours of Ireland visit Dublin and see Saint Stephens Green.

During the 18th century , the city’s gentry built their dwellings on the Green and it has been one of the most fashionable areas every since.

From 1815 until 1880 the Green was reserved for the exclusive use of the residents of the area , who had their own keys to the park.

The park was eventually opened to the public in 1880.

The park is rectangular , surrounded by streets that once formed major traffic arteries through Dublin city centre , although traffic management changes implemented in 2004 have greatly reduced the volume of traffic.

These four bordering streets are called , respectively , St. Stephen’s Green North , St. Stephen’s Green South , St. Stephen’s Green East and St. Stephen’s Green West.

On any Ireland tours have a walk around this hidden gem of a park in Dublin. Imagine the rich and the wealthy , with their nannies walking around the park with prams and children , so many years ago.