Springhill near Moneymore , Northern Ireland

Springhill near Moneymore , Northern Ireland

Springhill house !!!!

This is an atmospheric “Ulster Planter” house built by William “Good-Will” Conyngham in 1680 as a wedding gift for his wife , Anne Upton. (the Conyngham spelling probably led to the more widely known Cunningham)

The house can be visited and guided tours take visitors through the extensive library , a gun room , and a day nursery.

There is an extensive and colourful costume collection displayed , rather appropriately , in the old laundry yard.

The house also has its very own ghost. George Lenox Conyngham shot himself in 1816 after spending many months in a “very melancholy state of mind” and his grief stricken wife , Olivia , has haunted the scene ever since. Her ghost is one of the most widely authenticated in Ireland.

If you are in Belfast on a cruise ship it is an option for a tour out of Belfast.

See Springhill on tours of Ireland and enjoy the history and authenticity of this hidden gem.