Stone Crosses in Ireland

Stone Crosses in Ireland

On any Ireland tours you will enivitably see various stone crosses. They are a must see attraction.

These are carved stone crosses , often known as Celtic Crosses , and are a distinctive feature of Ireland’s Christian heritage.

Combining the crucifix with earlier influences in Ireland , they take the form of a richly carved stone monument of some size. They can be up to nine or ten feet high in some cases. The main pillar forms the lower arm of the cross  , the horizontal and upper vertical arms linked by a circle.

The face of the cross is decorated witrh a variety of motifs generally depicting Biblical figures and events , interwoven with traditional Celtic patterns and interlacing designs often featuring animals.

Many fine examples of this early Christian art form remain intact in Ireland. Among the most notable are those at Kells in County Meath. There are many other hidden gems to be found.

Try and see one on any tours of Ireland.