Sybil Point, County Kerry

Piaras Feiritear was a nobleman and poet whose castle overlooked the sea on Sybil Head , at the extreme West of the Dingle Peninsula and is a must see attraction on your tours of Ireland.

He fought against the Cromwellian forces from the beginning of hostilities in 1641 , and continued the fighting when the rest of the country had surrendered. Finally , in 1653 , he was invited to a parley by the enemy , and despite being promised safe passage , was treacherously seized and brought to Killarney , where he was hanged on Fair Hill.

Because of his colourful poetry and his great courage , Piaras is remembered as a dashing hero. He was a great horseman - having seven fine stallions - and he delighted in gambling , card-playing and riddle-contests. During his guerilla campaign against the English soldiers , he made several daring escapes. Once , when a large body of Roundheads surrounded the castle , he had a false bridge constructed over a sea-cleft nearby. He then feigned a retreat , and the enemy forces rushed headlong in pursuit over the bridge , only to fall into the sea far below.

When sore pressed , he retired to the Great Blasket Island , a few miles off the coast , and hid in a cave perched perilously high on the cliffs. A fanciful story explains the placename Sybil Point by claiming that he once sailed North to Galway , and that a young noblewoman called Sybil Lynch eloped with him from there. Her father in great anger sent a strong naval force to take her back , and Piaras decided to hide her in a cave facing the sea near his castle while he drew them off by a feint. Before he could return to her , however , she was drowned by a massive and sudden sea-wave.

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