Tara , and the Tara Brooch

Tara , and the Tara Brooch

On any tours of Ireland you may well come across stories about Tara. It is bit of a hidden gem.

Tara was the symbolic seat and coronation site of early medieval Ireland’s high kings.

Though it was not their permanent residence.

It is located in County Meath and the site includes a stone pillar – the “Lia Fail” or “Stone of Destiny”.

It also includes an earthen mound known as the “Mound of Hostages” , together with many other earthworks.

Many generations of the royal O’Neill dynasty fought over this seat of power in their quest to restore the old Irish monarchy.

The “Tara Brooch” is Ireland’s most superbly crafted piece of jewelery , dating from the eighth century.

The brooch was found at Bettystown , County Meath and given the name “Tara” bby a comercially minded jeweller.

It is now on show at the National Museum in Dublin and worth seeing on any Ireland tours. Its a bit of a must see attraction.

The brooch’s exquisite miniscule spiral , animal , and interlace designs are made of bronze , gold , amber , glass , silver , and copper.