The Emerald Isle….mountains , loughs , and all…..

Although somewhat hackneyed nowadays , the term "Emerald Isle" is not without foundation. The fields , watered particularly in the west by the high rainfall deposited by clouds arriving over the Atlantic , do have a deep green quality rarely seen elsewhere. A lot of our clients notice this when landing in Ireland....their tours have not even started.

The richness of the pasture is one of the reasons for Ireland's highly successful dairy industry.

Norway may have it fjords, Switzerland its Alps and Greenland its glaciers, but for sheer variety in a comparatively small area, Ireland has got the lot - with the exception of the glaciers!

Sure, its mountains aren't the highest in the world, and its loughs perhaps not the most dramatic, but it is certain that for sheer value what one experiences scenically in Ireland is just about the most diverse combination of topographical possibilities one can find on an island of such modest geographical dimensions.

Ireland only covers only 32,500 square miles, but the sheer contrast to be found in relatively short distances is something to be marvelled at.

The problem for the visitors is that each new landscape encountered seems to surpass the previous one, until the head is reeling with the enormity of the scenic information to be absorbed often in a matter of hours.

Nowhere in Ireland is there such a thing as a monotonous vista - everything changes so quickly that one has hardly had time to absorb a view before having to take in something even more breathtaking.

A tour of Ireland is a truly unique experiece and with Ireland Luxury Tours you get to really feel the experience rather than drive through it on a coach tour.