The Shamrock – a symbol of Ireland

The Shamrock – a symbol of Ireland

Well if you plan any Ireland tours there will be certainly a Shamrock connection on websites , stationery , or when you are in Ireland …. the fields !!! In fact I would call it a must see attraction on any tours of Ireland.

The Shamrock is one of the most distinctive symbols of Ireland. It is a plant unique to the island.

Its leaves resemble minature clover , and it grows freely in the boglands of the Irish countryside.

One of the more popular legends associated with the shamrock concerns Saint Patrick. The story goes that he used the shamrock to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish people he was attempting to convert to the new relegion of Christianity.

The three leaves , he supposedly said , represented the Father , the Son , and the Holy Ghost , united by the one God , who was represented by the plants stalk.

Tours of Ireland are just certain to be conneceted to the Shamrock in some way.